Data Vista is an IT Life Cycle vendor, selling, deploying, servicing, and managing assets for servers, storage equipment, and communication devices.

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122A Burrs Road Westampton, NJ 08060


Data Vista, Inc. has been delivering technology assurance solutions
and technology asset management services to leading companies since
1994. Although Data Vista started as an Independent Service Provider
(ISP) and Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) company, we have steadily
expanded our portfolio of services and product offerings over the years
to become a full service Technology Life Cycle Management


Our company expertise lies with  the IT backbone infrastructure
that runs Microsoft® OS, legacy UNIX®, and the latest Linux OS, all of
which are used to support mission-critical business processes as well
as desktop environments. Some customer environments align to a single
manufacturer, but most are heterogeneous, multi-vendor, multi-platform
infrastructures. Our extensive knowledge in IT infrastructure allows us
to support these complicated systems.


Our forte is exceptional equipment uptime for those complex
infrastructures, and our reputation for these services is one of
unmatched value. We address all stages of the technology life cycle
from acquisition through disposal, in addition to wall-to-wall coverage
of most technology products.

Industry Compliance

Data Vista services are compliant with various industry standards,
regulatory policies and procedures applicable to all vertical markets.
This enables us to accommodate the technology lifecycle needs of
clients in all industries.

Geographical Coverage

Serving customers throughout North America and some international
locations, Data Vista is headquartered in Westampton, New Jersey with a
growing number of direct regional offices. Our 35,000 square-foot
headquarters facility is conveniently located in proximity to the major
airports serving Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City. Our
headquarters house our corporate offices, major technical support
centers, equipment-testing laboratories, data centers, repair depot,
and spare-parts warehouse.

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Address 122A Burrs Road Westampton, NJ 08060