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Joye Evans

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2200 University Ave, Berkeley, California, United States

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Year Found: 2013

Kitchens used to be just a space for cooking. But, nowadays, kitchen has become the sanctum for family members to come home after a day’s work. Thus, the design of the kitchen should be such that it fits the mood of the family. Naturally, the square/rectangular shaped place is being replaced with modern designs.
Why remodel the kitchen?
The easiest method to own a modern kitchen is to buy or construct a new home with the latest kitchen model. However, not everyone can afford a new house to have a model kitchen. So, what is the solution? In such cases, kitchen remodeling is the best option available.
Even in remodeling, opting for high-end and trendy models leads to the additional cost. You may have to think of your financial constraints as well as on the return-on-investment for these designs. So, before going for full-fledged remodelling, you should look into the different aspects involved in kitchen remodelling and can only then decide on the money-saving aspects.
Simple factors to save money
There are few ideas that can be done from the houseowner’s end to reduce the actual cost.
Prepare Yourself
This is the first before opting for kitchen remodelling. Although many trendy designs are available in the market, not all can fulfil the needs of a family. Hence, a proper understanding of your needs is necessary. For this, list out what you to aim to achieve through remodelling and what part of the kitchen needs to be redesigned. Then, discuss this with your family members and reach a consensus. For example, one may prefer the dining room attached to the kitchen while one may differ on that. It is difficult to change once the modification is done.
After reaching a decision, gather relevant information, be it online or offline. This not only keeps you in line with the current trend but also helps to come up with ideas on your own.
Retain the same layout
Using the same kitchen plan saves a lot of trouble. Thus, only the flooring, storage, and cabinets need to be rearranged. This does not affect the surrounding rooms. Moreover, the electric supply, gas supply, and water pipeline can be kept as such. This not only avoids the additional financial burden but also helps to prevent disruption to the primary system of the house.
Follow a simple design
It is true that the design of the kitchen reflects the nature of the inhibiting family. But, this does not mean that the design has to be more trendy or elaborate. The more complex the models are, the more is the cost incurred. Also, an elegant look can be obtained with both high-end and simple design. For instance, shiny appearance can be achieved by using polished wood as well as quartz. So, cater to your monetary limits and do the remodeling.
Use modular cabinets
Cabinets and cupboards holding cookery utensils occupy most of the space in the kitchen. So, it is essential to have an orderly cabinet for ease of cooking. But, the arrangement of the storage units should be such that the whole of the kitchen area is not covered. The recent trend of modular cabinets solves this issue. As the name suggests, the cabinets are readily available structures that be removed and fixed anytime easily. This helps to save space.
Change lighting effects
Rather than using grand lighting structures, such as chandeliers, you can go for multiple lantern-like lights. This not only adds to the beauty of the kitchen but also reduces the price. This is so because changing the lighting means shifting the focus of the kitchen area. This further adds to the complications of the design thereby making it tedious as well as costly.
DIY Projects
In any field, the mantra ‘DIY’ is on the rise. This is nothing but, ‘do-it-yourself’ projects that can be done by oneself without the need of a professional. Several small elements can be done by yourself. Some of them include:
mounting cupboards and cabinets for placing utensils;
removing cabinets and other unnecessary furniture in your kitchen;
draining and cleaning the water pipes;
painting the walls.
However, note that there are some works that can be done only by a professional to avoid any future damage. This includes remodeling works involving water lines, cooking gas supply, wiring, etc.
Remove the non-essentials
Discard the cabinets and cupboards that you do not use. The same applies to cookware articles. Removing the non-used items:
saves times;
provides extra storage space;
helps to stack the utensils neatly; and aids in ease of accessing the wares.
This also prevents both rusting of metal cooking utensils and additional cleaning of dust on unused articles.
No matter the design, the primary objective of the kitchen is to bring the family together. Therefore, discuss with your family members, evaluate your financial needs, and then go for the kitchen remodeling.

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