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Wedding Planning is a difficult task. You never know all the answers,
however, you can find them, especially online.  One thing you want to
remember is to enjoy the process.  Try not to get worked up over the
little details of the day.

Planning your wedding is one of the first important decisions you
make as a couple.  Take the time to plan a wedding that is perfect for
both of you.

So where do you start?  Who do you talk to? Where do you find
everything?  You have so many questions.  So start at the beginning.

Begin by picking a date. Everything else will be centered on this date.

Next check your budget. You may be dreaming of a big and/or planning a
big wedding, but unless you can afford it seems kind of senseless to do
this to yourself.  Instead dream about the wedding you can fit into
your budget.  Talk about this and make sure your fiancée and you are on
the same page.  Each of you is going to have your own ideas.  Its
important to compromise so you both can enjoy the experience.  Talk
about family traditions, your wishes and thoughts. Talk about the people
you want in your wedding party, your style, etc.

There are so many great ideas, various themes, various locations,
etc.  It also depends on the time of year to include some of the ideas
you may want to use. A winter wedding may involve ice sculptures, a ride
in the sleigh on the way to the ceremony, etc.  Take some time to
browse through our website to check out them many ideas offered from
themed weddings to different wedding ideas for ceremonies and
receptions.  You have many resources right at your fingertips!

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